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*Pineapple, Fig & Ginger Chutney




*Real Ale Chutney


*Christmas Chutney

*Lemon & Ginger Jam


*Gooseberry & Loganberry Jam


*Whisky Marmalade


*Seville Orange Marmalade (BRONZE at the World's Original Marmalade Awards)


*Lemon & Lime Marmalade




Jam, Marmalade & Curd

*Lemon Curd (GOLD Taste of the West Award)


*Blackcurrant Jam


*Three Fruit Marmalade




*Blackberry & Apple Jam









*Date, Pepper & Apple Chutney


*Mango & Apple Chutney


*Chilli Pepper Jelly








Rebecca's Kitchen Hampers make the perfect gift and come in a range of sizes. They are made to order and contain a selection of the following:


The product range is ever changing, according to the seasons and what I fancy cooking!  They make perfect gifts or favours for special occasions. The current range for November 2017 is listed below:

Wedding & party favours

Mini pots of jam and chutney, biscotti, fudge and other delicious things, made to order. Perfect for the finishing touch at a celebration.


I also make supersize jars of chutney for weddings and special occasions which are great for cheeseboards. Please contact me for a quote.

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Large jar


approx 300g

*Chutney, Jam, Jelly & Curd


*Biscuits & crackers

*Vanilla Fudge


*Fruit & Nut Biscotti


Small jar


approx 200g