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In the Autumn of 2012 I was eating cheese and crackers with Ploughman's Pickle when I came to the realisation that mass produced pickle doesn't taste very nice.  So I decided to make some myself.  The result?  A lovely batch of Date, Pepper & Apple Chutney which tasted fresh and delicious!  And that's how it all started.  


I experimented with a few flavours, produced some Christmas hampers for friends and family, received very positive feedback and so decided to start selling the products.  Rebecca's Kitchen has already been far more successful than I ever imagined!


I get my inspiration from the changing seasons and love nothing more than foraging around the countryside and garden for homegrown produce.


All of my products are made in my own kitchen, which I am proud to announce has been awarded 5/5 on the National Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.


The labels and website were designed by my sister, Elizabeth Lever.



About Rebecca's Kitchen

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